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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


What Type Of Work Do You Do?

We specialize in all furniture and woodwork including but, not limited to, millwork, desks, elevator cabs, molding, doors, cabinets, fire & water damage, piano restoration, antique furniture, etc.

Why Should I Choose You?

Well, We Have “State-Of–The-Art”, custom-made materials, that are guaranteed to give your furniture/wood  a more regal, refined, longer lasting and durable finish. We provide quality service for the best price and also have an ongoing, satisfied customer base to back it up.

What Is Your Maintenance & Repair Hours Of Operation? 

Regular business hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday. However, our technicians are available for tailor made schedules that suit your needs such as monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly maintenance appointments. We are also available for emergency maintenance.  We're here to assist you!

What Type Of Furniture & Wood Do You Restore?

We restore ALL types of furniture and wood.

Is Your State Of The Art Product Safe To Use In A Closed-In Environment?

Yes, we use an Ecologizer which is an air purifying system that filters and neutralizes odors in the air.

What Is The Difference In Refinishing &Reconditioning?

Reconditioning allows your furniture to maintain its original value. It simply improves the condition of your furniture while keeping the authentic and original appearance. Refinishing a piece of furniture strips away the old surface and rebuilds a new surface. The furniture is given a completely new finish.  


"We Have The Touch That Will Bring Your  Furniture To Life".

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