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Furniture Repair &Touch Up

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As an alternative to furniture refinishing, Magic Touch Furniture Service  provides onsite furniture touch up work that will bring your furniture back to life and give it that flawless finish as if were never damaged. 

 Many describe furniture repair  under many classifications, such as furniture scratch repair, wood repairing, wood furniture repair, antique wood repair, wood restorations, etc.  However,   it is classified, it is essentially  any type of damage that has been assessed to your furniture's wood work.  Damages assessed to your wood work can range anywhere from  gauges, nicks, rub marks, abrasions, fire and water damage, scratches, faded finish, etc.  This type of damage if caught early enough can usually be repaired through the process of furniture touch up work. This process  eliminates the need of reconditioning or stripping your furniture down and applying a new finish, which is called furniture refinishing;; we simply work with your furniture’s existing finish and refine that with the fine art of touching up.

 Furniture touch up entails a  true art of color matching, blending, sanding,  fill-ins, etc.   Please see our portfolio here  of the before and after images of some of the furniture touch up work that we’ve performed.

Our touch up services are generally performed onsite, in your home or office.  This process can be performed to furniture that has been assessed burn marks, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, gouges, water damage, ink and color damages, etc and in most cases can be accomplished anywhere from a few hours or many, depending on the extent of damage.

If you are not sure if your furniture is in need of touch up work, then the easiest and simplest measure of assessment to take is by observing your furniture’s overall appearance;  If your furniture is dull looking, have scratches, abrasions, rub marks, gauges, burns, fire and water damage etc, then furniture touch up work could be performed.

If you are someone who is  really attached to your furniture or has had furniture in your family for years and do not want it to loose its value or normal  appearance, you may want to consider having a technician service your furniture every month, six months or year,  depending on the amount of wear and tear is being assessed to it.  The consistent maintenance of your furniture will keep your furniture looking alive polished and clean

There are many benefits to having your furniture touched up rather than going through he process of refinishing.  For one, there are no pick up and delivery fees assessed and unlike refinishing, furniture tough up work is much less.  There are some anomalies however, depending on the severity of the damage that has been assessed to your furniture, the process of refinishing or reconditioning may need to be executed.  However, Magic Touch Furniture Service does all it can to restore your furniture using  our state of the art furniture touch up methods.


"We Have The Touch That Will Bring Your  Furniture To Life".

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