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Reconditioned Furniture



Before And After Of Reconditioned Furniture



                                          Kitchen Cabinet- Before                                Kitchen Cabinet-After 



Magic Touch Furniture Service is a premier service provider for furniture repair in Atlanta Ga, providing an array of services such as reconditioning furniture, repairing wood furniture, furniture touch up, general furniture repair, maintenance and furniture refinishing. 

Reconditioned furniture is a best kept secret and can typically be performed to restore your furniture verses reconditioning.  If the furniture in your home or office is starting to look dull, greasy, and lifeless or has a stubborn build up, then you may want to consider what is called furniture reconditioning.  Reconditioning furniture wood work will simply bring you furniture back to life and looking like new again.  Reconditioning is by far the most cost effective way to revitalize lifeless damaged woodwork.  Most individuals may think that because they have wood work where the finish has faded, or have old torn looking wood with damages, forces you to have to purchase new furniture, it does not.  You can simply consider consulting with wood restorers in your area and entertain the option of reconditioning your current wood work or furniture to maintain the look and value of the furniture that you love.  

The process of reconditioning entails an art and the removal of excessive build up that has been assessed to your furniture.  Build up can be anything from smoke, grease, dust, dirt, wax, ink, etc.  Once the build up has been removed from your furniture or wood works finish we begin the process of color blending and touching up the faded woodwork areas with our state of the art color blending techniques. After this has been accomplished, we then finalize the process by applying our custom penetrating oil to treat the dried out and worn wood fibers to bring your furniture wood work back to life making it look new, refined and regal again! 

 Reconditioning is a great alternative to refinishing, which in our experience most feel as if refinishing has to absolutely be accomplished if their furniture looks dull, worn has nicks, gouges, abrasions, etc.  It is the least expensive route to take and will allow you to maintain healthy vibrant and clean wood work in your home or office that actually looks alive, new, refined, clean and regal. It is advised that reconditioning becomes a part of your existing furniture’s maintenance routine at least 1-3 times (more or less) per year depending on the amount of wear and tear that is being assessed to it each day.

The process of reconditioning your wood work can usually be accomplished within one day depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of furniture that you are considering for reconditioning.  This is not a messy process and can be accomplished on site.  If you are considering the process of furniture reconditioning, please send us an email to   info@magictouchfurnitureservice.com or feel free to contact us at  404-551-8837  for complimentary consultation.

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