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Wood Refinishing

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Magic Touch Furniture Service is a premier service provider for onsite furniture repairs in Atlanta Ga, we provide an array of services such as wood furniture refinishing, furniture reconditioning, furniture touch up, general furniture repair and maintenance. 

Refinishing Wood Furniture is a process most commonly used when your wood work or furniture has been striped of its original finish, when severe wear and tear has been assessed or when a change in color or finish is being considered.  

Wood furniture refinishing would require a professional wood refinisher or wood refinishers that are experienced with wood stripping, staining, and finishing techniques.

However, before we refinish a piece of furniture we always consider the process of reconditioning or refurbishing the furniture as it is a less costly method and you can maintain the original value of your furniture with this procedure being performed.  The process of reconditioning is however determined by the current condition of the furniture as sometimes the furniture just has to be refinished with no alternative options of restoration. 

The process of reconditioning usually takes between two-three weeks to accomplish and in most cases is not an inexpensive job to have performed. This is why we suggest that an ongoing maintenance regimen is performed on the furniture wood work that you value; as this will not only keep your furniture wood work looking refined and clean but will undoubtedly be the most cost effective remedy for you in the long term. 

The most practical way of determining if refinishing is the best option for your woodwork is to really asses the existing finish.  You will want to check for any serious flaws that may be present.  Flaws include flakes or sheets of finish falling off, sticky finish, cracked finish, blemishes, rings and or dark patches.  Naturally, as your current finish begins to age, your varnish will become more and more brittle resulting in cracks and the buckling up of the finish in these areas.  This is just one of those situations where refinishing is absolutely required.  Keeping your furniture or wood work maintained through the process of furniture touch up or a 3 or 6 month reconditioning maintenance plan where your furniture can be treated and properly nourished; as this will avoid you having to be faced with dead, dull, lifeless or damaged furniture in the long term.




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